Uranus May Have Two More Tiny Moons

“If these moons exist, they’re quite dark and very tiny, measuring a mere two to nine miles (four to 14 km) across.” Could one of these be Omega? For more… Gizmodo    

Progress Report – Saturday 10/15/2016

I’ve got just a few minutes before I’ll get to work again, so I thought I’d offer a brief update of where things stand on this Saturday morning. Yesterday’s work can be divided into two phases. In the evening, an error with one of the assets in Unity resulted in hours of frustrating bug hunting. It took…

Getting to Work

I’m starting an agenda of six days of almost constant coding in an attempt to get Omega Station up and running. I’ll post more on the game later, but for now, it’s time to fire up Unity and Pandora and get some work done.

About the Name

So I’ve used the black and white rabbit icon for a long time to represent me or my work. When contemplating a name for the umbrella of computer related projects I work on, I wanted to incorporate the rabbit. My first impulse was “Bad Rabbit,” but then, watching the first episode of West World, I…