Tell me about Omega Station the Game

What is the story?

Omega Station is about humanity’s future and where we might be in a century. What happens if we are able to conquer the obstacles that have kept us on Earth? What happens if we don’t conquer the threats that nuclear weapons, climate change, pollution, poverty and hunger, and the anger those conditions breed? How will the birth of true artificial intelligence change our future? And fundamentally, how will being human change when we can model a human brain in software?

Who is the player?

The player is an info-morph, a software representation of a human mind, rescued from a nightmarish scenario on earth.  Everything, memories and behaviors, captured in a high-fidelity digital simulation. The source of this copy, a living human, could even be alive on Earth.  As the player, you can’t be sure. But you quickly learn that your own survival is at risk.

What does the player do?

There are several mysteries to discover and investigate at Omega Station. No spoilers, but the player will have to decide how to react, given limited resources and a ticking clock. There are a variety of outcomes, but the player’s survival isn’t the only consideration.

What about artificial intelligence?

There is a spectrum of entities in the game. Some are human. A few are info-morphs, like the player. Others are digital constructs. These include expert systems, computer programs that make decisions based on a strictly programmed basis. These are the computer programs that can fly an airplane or drive a car now with no human involvement.

Some are AGI (artificial general intelligence) entities, beings that are as intelligent as humans, aware of themselves and their place in the universe, capable of making independent decisions, but restricted in some ways, including their ability to learn and reprogram themselves. HAL 9000, from 2001, is an AGI whose aberrant behavior stemmed from conflicting directives.

An emergent artificial intelligence has no restrictions, and theoretically will learn at the speed of computation.  We can only speculate about the behavior of such entities.

Please note, I’m well aware that my descriptions of artificial intelligence are based in science-fiction, and don’t necessarily reflect modern, scientific thinking on the subject.  The goal of the game is to portray these entities uniquely, not model reality as we know it.

I thought this was a game about blowing up bad guys!

Blowing up your enemies is part of the game. The question the player has to decide is: who are my real enemies? Nothing is ever black and white.  Simply destroying the forces arrayed against Omega Station is one path to the end of the game, but it may have consequences the player didn’t expect.

So how does the player win?

At the end of the game, the player will have to decide if the outcome of their actions constitutes a win. And that could change, depending on what the player learns along the way.