Bringing the Story to Life

The great challenge of working alone is keeping things clearly organized. There is, of course, an enormous amount of work that goes into creating a computer game. Developers have long used design documents to layout both the vision and the plan for a game. I have one, and I’m spending a big part of today rewriting it. As I’ve been working, ideas have been flooding my mind. Just before going to sleep at night, I let my mind wander and I take notes. Pages and pages of notes, a rambling cacophony of ideas, images and revelations. So the design document gets regular revisions.  One of these revisions is the subject of today’s screenshot, which appears at the beginning of the game. The character Claire plays a crucial role in the story.

av_headshotIf the Kickstarter goes well, Claire be voiced by my old friend and improv colleague Anna Vocino.  She’s a professional voice and screen actor, cookbook writer and stand-up in Los Angeles.  Another former colleague, science reporter and former Popular Science Magazine Editor Jake Ward, has offered to lend his support.