Three Screenshots For Monday

It was a busy weekend at Wicked Rabbit Games. Here’s some evidence:
I’m sure you’ll recognize the planet in front. It’s a view from one of Jupiter’s moons of a Jovian Republic military base. The Jovian’s represent a serious threat to our little Omega Station.

jupiter_01Above you can see the front of the base.  The Jovian’s rival, the Confederation of Saturn, is also a threat to the base orbiting Uranus. As are pirates from the belt.  Below, a view inside the Jovian Hall of Heroes.
jupiter_02A tropical forest? In that flood of radiation? Must be GMO! With Earth in ruins, plants like these serve a higher purpose than simple decorations. Their value in the Solar System is immense,

Voting begins soon on the Steam Greenlight process and our Kickstarter will launch a short time after that. And by a short time I really mean I need another 12 hours in the day!