Preparing for the Steam Greenlight Campaign

greenlight_logo_largeWicked Rabbit Games is preparing to put Omega Station up for consideration under the Steam Greenlight program. It’s a process that lets avid gamers vote on games they want to see published. If Omega Station gains enough support, it can be published through Steam, the world’s largest digital game distribution network!

Here’s the blurb copy I’ll be using:

A human mind, locked forever in a computer program, is called on to defend a distant outpost of humanity from rival factions determined to seize the facility or destroy it. Your tools are limited to what you can access through the station’s computer network. Remotely pilot a drone to explore the tiny moon of Uranus and the deep ocean beneath its icy crust, repair damaged equipment and physically defend the station. Gain information and manipulate the station’s equipment inside a virtual reality representation of the computer network.  You can control defense weapons, atmospheric controls and other systems. You’ll delve into the mysteries surrounding the station. And ultimately, you’ll decide the fate of not just Omega Station, but the human race itself.