Progress Report – Saturday 10/15/2016

I’ve got just a few minutes before I’ll get to work again, so I thought I’d offer a brief update of where things stand on this Saturday morning.

Yesterday’s work can be divided into two phases. In the evening, an error with one of the assets in Unity resulted in hours of frustrating bug hunting. It took far too long, but I was able to fix it. Earlier in the day, significant progress. Significant improvements have been made to the drone and the user interface, and development on the first enemy type has begun.

Today, I have some specific goals. I’m going to complete work on the drone’s weapon system to add particle effects to objects hit, depending on what gets hit. I have to update one of my key assets, which will require rebuilding a small, but crucial part of the environment. I also want to work on building the virtual control center, and the undersea environment. That will give me the opportunity to build a working prototype and get it into the hands of testers.  Also on my agenda for the day is to capture some game play video and new screenshots.