Review: D-Day at Tarawa

The Battle of Tarawa was fought in late November, 1943. The U.S. Marines stormed ashore, facing for the first time a determined Japanese defense on the beaches. Guadalcanal, fought a year earlier, had been a nightmare, but getting shore there had been a cakewalk.  In the first 76 hours of the battle, U.S. casualties surpassed…

Tell me about Omega Station the Game

What is the story? Omega Station is about humanity’s future and where we might be in a century. What happens if we are able to conquer the obstacles that have kept us on Earth? What happens if we don’t conquer the threats that nuclear weapons, climate change, pollution, poverty and hunger, and the anger those conditions…

Greenlight and Kickstarter News!

Happy Friday! It’s been a frantically busy time, which resulted in the first video from the game.  Now I’m beginning the weekend by celebrating the launch of Omega Station’s Steam Greenlight campaign and a Kickstarter.   I’ll hope you’ll consider both voting and donating!

First Video Released!

It’s 2:15am and I’ve been working on this for about 18 hours. Here, at last, is a first look at some of the gameplay and cutscenes being created for Omega Station. Please vote for Omega Station on Steam Greenlight!

Excellent Examples of Brilliant Cinematic Visual Composition

One of the benefits of being in this business is that computer games can be brilliant storytelling mediums. And games with cut-scenes can be greatly improved with cinematic techniques. Among these are the use of a musical theme, carefully creating character arcs, and classical visual composing. That’s the subject of this video from CineFix.

Bringing the Story to Life

The great challenge of working alone is keeping things clearly organized. There is, of course, an enormous amount of work that goes into creating a computer game. Developers have long used design documents to layout both the vision and the plan for a game. I have one, and I’m spending a big part of today…

Three Screenshots For Monday

It was a busy weekend at Wicked Rabbit Games. Here’s some evidence: I’m sure you’ll recognize the planet in front. It’s a view from one of Jupiter’s moons of a Jovian Republic military base. The Jovian’s represent a serious threat to our little Omega Station. Above you can see the front of the base.  The…

Tuesday Update

A long day, first writing dialogue for the opening scene, and then building the level for that scene.  I’d like to get the first two scenes done and be able to make a build from that for demo purposes.

Preparing for the Steam Greenlight Campaign

Wicked Rabbit Games is preparing to put Omega Station up for consideration under the Steam Greenlight program. It’s a process that lets avid gamers vote on games they want to see published. If Omega Station gains enough support, it can be published through Steam, the world’s largest digital game distribution network! Here’s the blurb copy…

Sunday Progress Report

Saturday was a tough day to get things done, as Unity was not behaving nicely. Today I’ve spent seven hours on a number of tasks related to Omega Station. Not the least of which is the image above. Omega Station is set on small moon orbiting Uranus. And beneath the meters deep crust of ice is…